With the name the Italian Village, James and Suzanne Brissette opened a restaurant  in 1964. After gaining a liquor license a few years later they changed the name to the Fickle Finger Hogie House and featured vintage movies. In the early 70's the name was again changed to 600 East Lounge, and 'The Rathskeller' was opened in the basement. The Rathskeller, meaning basement tavern in German, had nightly sing-a-longs and live music. Their daughter Paulette, came to purchase the establishment in 1980 under the current name and is now proudly owned by Randy and Paulette Groya.

Experience our tasty cuisine, attentive service, with a family,  friendly atmosphere, come see what makes us one of the most popular family owned restaurants 
in town.       

1940's the City Theater
1970's Rathskeller James and Suzanne Brissette
2000's Rathskeller Randy and Paulette Groya